Education Column - 6. Book Report

보통 중.고등학교 수준으로 책 내용을 요약하는 독후감 정도로 설명할 수 있겠으나 우리네 독후감 과는 약간 거리감이 있는 것이 사실이다.

독후감은 책을 읽은 후 독자의 의견을 작성하는 것으로 영어적 표현으로는 Book Review 가 더 적적할 표현이고 Book Report는 책을 어떻게 이해하고 있는지에 대한 일종의 보고서 이므로 ‘책 보고서’라고 이해하는 것이 적합할 것 같다.

북 리포트를 보면 책에 대한 이해의 정도를 알 수 있도록 다음과 같은 양식에 맞추어 작성한다.

1. Introduction

- 제목, 저자

- 책의 장르

- 책에 대한 간단한 소개

2. Body

- 책에 대한 간략한 내용

- 책을 읽고 난 후 책에 대한 견해와 소감

3. Analysis and Evaluation

- 앞의 Body에서 나타낸 본인의 견해와 소감을 뒷바침 할 수 있는 설명이나 예제

- 또는 책에 대한 분석, 비평

4. Conclusion

- 마지막 정리의 단계로서 본인의 의견을 간단하게 서술한다.

Book Report Example

In Contempt Book Report

Book Written by Chris Darden

This report is based upon the book In Contempt, written by Christopher A. Darden with Jess Walter. This book is published by Regan Books an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers and is copyrighted 1996 by Christopher A. Darden.

Introduction of the Author

The book in Contempt was written by Christopher A. Darden. Chris Darden is famous for being one of the prosecuting attorneys in the court case The People vs. Simpson. He has worked hard his whole life to reach the status he has now achieved. He Proved to America that even though he wasn’t a high-priced private lawyer that he could present a well-thought out and planned case under the tremendous pressure he and the other prosecutors had to endure during the Simpson case.


I found this book to be very well thought out and well written. Most people would assume that this book was written with the intentions of marking a quick-buck off the misfortune of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. I, however, do not believe this to be true. The way that trial shows that he really cared about the lives of these people that he didn’t even know. He even went as far as to say in the book that this was the first case that affected him personally and emotionally.

As one may expect, the majority of this book is taken up with the Simpson case. Chapters two through six detail his life from birth, his childhood in a working class district of Richmond, California and his becoming a district attorney of Los Angeles in 1981. Chapters two and three mostly consist of stories of him and his brother, Michael, stealing from local stores or his brothers’ drug deals. When Michael hit his mid-teens he started selling marijuana off the front porch of the house and Chris was his lookout. In return, he was told that he would be cut in on Throughout the book Chris Darden refers to his brother as a good role model for him no matter what he did.

I fell the purpose of Chris Darden writing this book is to try to show the hardships he had to go through as a black man trying to become a lawyer. Also I feel that he is trying to reveal the truth behind what was happening in the Simpson case.

Body of the Review

This book is funny and at other times the mood is more serious. The few chapters in the beginning were the funny ones. In these chapters he writes about his childhood and works his way forward to when he starts to work in the District Attorney’s office. Specifically he tells about how he was caught stealing a Hostess Fruit pie at the corner store, sneaking crackers from his house pantry, and being teased about having false teeth as a child. As he writes and talks about when he gets older the mood changes and gets more serious.

Partly omitted


I didn’t find this book particularly useful, but it was a very good book to read and it gave me more insight as to what has happened in Chris Darden’s life and what he went through during the Simpson case. When I got the book I approached it like most students do when they have a book report to write. I didn’t want to read the book but had to in order to get a good grade. As I started to read the first chapter, which was about the Simpson case I realized that the book wasn’t just the boring drivel you would expect from a lawyer. It was intelligently written and had amusing stories from his childhood and fraternity days. Although I didn’t want to read it’ it wasn’t as had as I had expected, and I found it to be enjoyable and informative. (참.러.닝: 604-298-7770)

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